And it’s really not even our fault

Woman in a purple sweater sitting on a stool
Photo by Angela Roma from Pexels

Most fatphobia is disguised as “concern” for someone’s health. Rarely will someone make a negative comment about someone’s body and admit, they just don’t like it because it’s larger.

For the most part, you’re often met with a holier-than-thou speech about someone’s concern for your health. Often, this concern will…

We didn’t really get much closure at all.

Screenshot taken from Netflix of Dave Chapelle’s: The Closer

“You just haven’t watched the special,” is Chapelle’s most used rebuttal. Chapelle and his fans alike believe he’s being unfairly attacked by people who aren’t listening to what he’s saying. People who aren’t getting the story straight from the horse’s mouth.

I’m no stranger to online discourse and its limitations…


I promise I’m a lot more fun at parties than these articles make you think.

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