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Maintain your user base by paying them.

Medium logo and an icon of a hand holding a dollar sign on a dark blue background.
Medium logo and an icon of a hand holding a dollar sign on a dark blue background.

I didn’t start writing on Medium with the expectation that this would be possible. You shouldn’t either.

Medium has cracked the code. This platform has jumped on a train, that other social media apps have yet to discover. It’s not a mystery at this point that Medium has rewarded 1,000 writers for consistency and high engagement posts. With money.

The difference between what Medium did and how other platforms pay creators is major. Tik Tok started paying their content creators in light of a user-dip as well. It’s money coming straight from the platform itself. Not from ads, not a…

Our self-care has been sold to us as a mechanism of assimilation

I hesitate to take life lessons from a global pandemic. It seems incredibly shortsighted and disconnected. If a global pandemic managed to have a positive effect on your life, you live at the absolute zenith of privilege. Much like myself.

Maybe not, but I hate the idea that a pandemic had a positive effect on me. Thus, I’ll attribute the self-discovery I’ve had about self-care to the fact I’ve been working from home.

Self-care often has different definitions for men and women. For men, it’s largely to do with fitness. And keto. Lots of protein and muscles. For women, it…

Feminism fought for this disconnect

You don’t have to call yourself a Feminist to be one.

The amazing thing about Feminism is you don’t have to believe in it to benefit from it. You don’t have to identify as one, to be one. It’s an incredible benefit of battles fought before us. We didn’t have to fight in the Civil War to reap the benefits of those who did. We protest for rights in 2021 so the generations following us won’t need to.

Really, it’s the point of fighting these battles at all.

If you’ve spent any time on Twitter, you’ll know many popular Conservative…

Maybe we’re making it seem easier than it is

This industry isn’t over-saturated.

I’ve written about How I got my first Junior Design position in the midst of a pandemic. I was able to land my first UX role last fall after applying for about six months. It was gruelling. I found myself burnt out, tired, and often contemplating how much I wanted to work in this industry in the first place.

When looking for my first design position I read many of the same types of articles and felt it’d be useful to write one myself. …

Are you ready to fly the nest?

Woman putting on a face mask
Woman putting on a face mask

So, you’re a year into lockdown and you’ve decided you want to move out. You’ve realized you can’t live with your family or roommates even a second longer. This year has really shown us that most of our living situations were only tolerable because we were never home. Between work, school, and trying to maintain a social life, we only spent our time at home sleeping.

However, it’s not quite as simple as packing and moving out. You may be mentally ready, but are you fiscally ready? If you’ve decided that you’ll be living on your own, you’ll need some…

Resume fixes to help land your first junior position

If your resume is over a page, it’s too long.

When it comes to creating the best resume and portfolio template it can be hard to figure out what’s right and what’s wrong. You can search online for resume templates, portfolio templates, buy them or create your own. It can be overwhelming.

Since starting in this industry, my resume has undergone several changes. Most designers never truly stop working on their resumes. Recreating it to match your portfolio and career level is only natural.

Here are some things you want to take into consideration when working on the next iterations…

Maybe you shouldn’t pay off all your debt right now.

I’m not a financial expert. To be honest, I attribute much of what I know about saving, budgeting and finances to Medium articles much like this one. Much of the budgeting advice we see online isn't inherently good or bad, but they often lack nuance. They fail to share huge slices of the financial success pie.

Oh, you were able to buy a duplex at 21? Why wasn’t it mentioned that you left university debt-free? Or had a full-time job straight out of college thanks to your family’s connections? What about your small loan of a million dollars? …

Where are you under the UX umbrella?

Although many of us have “design” in our titles, we’re not necessarily creative or artistic people and don’t have to be.

In the world of UX, many titles are often combined into one role. Often differentiation is hard to make, which makes it hard to choose your title. We’ve seen the infamous “UX/UI designer” job title. Under the umbrella of UX design falls product designers, web designers, graphic and type designers, UI designers and the list goes on. Many of the purposes of each role intersect quite heavily.

It can be confusing to know whether you need to only be…

We are all Black, but we’re not all dark

We all experience racism, but we don’t all experience colourism.

Light-skinned Black people have co-opted the struggles of dark-skinned Black people. In an interesting turn of events, I’ve found the umbrella of “racism” is used to wipe out the realities of colourism. Many of us are not yet able to differentiate colourism from racism. We all experience racism, but we don’t all experience colourism.


Privilege isn’t about what you’ve experienced, but what you haven’t had to experience.

Many light-skinned Black people have a hard time accepting they have a privilege. Which is a natural reaction. It’s hard to be a…

Understanding our socialized definitions of emotions

What constitutes an emotional reaction is simply a reaction to our emotions.

As long as I’ve been a woman, which is my entire life, I’ve noticed that much of my reactions have been characterized as emotional. I’ve never felt any more or less emotional than anyone else around me, but much of what I did was often associated with emotional responses.

It made me wonder what exactly it means to be emotional. It’s important we start out on the same page with the definition of emotional. According to Google emotional is described as:

  • “Relating to a person’s emotions”
  • “Arousing or…


I promise I’m a lot more fun at parties than these articles make you think.

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